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Project GEO

Geotechnical Engineering
Earth Science Outreach

Dr. Nick Hudyma
The University of North Florida
B o Smith
Terry Parker High School

Spring 2004 Term Projects

     Rock Breakage by Blasting
Last Updated: May 2nd, 2004

Sorry for the delay, but we  could not get to the lab until Saturday, March 6th.

     We're Jonathan and Andrew.  We are students from Terry Parker High School.

Our project is about "Rock Breakage By Blasting."
The point of our project is to take the clay tablets we made and excavate a 4x4 hole in them.
We are using gun powder and gun powder tablets to excavate the holes in the plaster.

In this project, we will learn about controlled blasting and pre-splitting and also how to work together as a group in a real science lab.

Any questions? Please email Dr. Hudyma or Mr. Smith .

This is "The Crew"
Andrew Clark and Jonathan Burdon

Image Gallery of Our Project
Saturday, March 6th

Cleaning the plaster mold.

Mixing the plaster w/ help of Dr. Hudyma and Joy.

Pooring the plaster in the mold.

Writing in "The Journal"

"Tommy the Housewife"

Discussing the blast pattern (2 molds in background)

Saturday, March 27th
Click HERE to see a video
clip of our first attempt

Saturday, April ??

Click HERE to see a video
clip of our second attempt

Click HERE to see a video
clip of our third attempt