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Project GEO

Geotechnical Engineering
Earth Science Outreach

Dr. Nick Hudyma
The University of North Florida
Bo Smith
Terry Parker High School

Fall 2004 Term Projects

Developing Physical Models for Rock Mechanics Research
  Last Updated: December148th, 2004

Hello, our names are Jennifer Pham and Nisha Patel and we are The Rockies. Our project is basically rock mechanics research which is the study of the physical and engineering properties of rock and rock masses. To get an actual rock for testing is too expensive so engineers must make physical models of rocks and that is what we did. We made a rock out of plaster containing styrofoam balls playing as the cavities. After this was done, we were to extract cylindrical specimens from the block using the coring machine. Then we measured the cores with a helpful tool called a caliper and neatly kept the data organized in a composition book. With the help of Dr. Hudyma from The University of North Florida, our project was a complete success. Here are some pictures of us working on the project, enjoy! 

Any questions? Please email Dr. Hudyma or  Mr. Smith

These are "The Rockies"
Jennifer Pham on the left & Nisha Patel on the right

Image Gallery of Our Project


The 3 of us discussing the project.


The materials needed for this project.


The string of styrofoam balls that we made.


The wooden box which plays as the cast to our mold. 

  Nisha and Jennifer using the staple gun to stapled the cavities on the box.

After all of the strings of Styrofoam are stapled on.


  How the cored block of plaster looks afterwards.

  The rock specimens of our rock.

Nisha measuring the cylindrical peices we extracted form the block. ..



Nisha modeling the caliper (in her hand) and the coring machine.


Dr. Hudyma is amazed at the success of the project.