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Project GEO

Geotechnical Engineering
Earth Science Outreach

Dr. Nick Hudyma
The University of North Florida
Bo Smith
Terry Parker High School

Fall 2004 Term Projects

Environmental Concerns Associated With Karst
  Last Updated: December 15th, 2004

We are Aron Dzina and Lonnie Wells and our team name is Igneous Tech. We started meeting September 18, 2004 at University of North Florida.
The goal of our experiment was to explore Karst and collect data pertaining to Karst land features such as sinkholes. We worked with Dr. Hudyma to research Karst land features. The main focus was on sinkholes. A famous sinkhole that we researched was the sinkhole in Winter Park, Florida. We ran one experiment dealing with sinkholes. This experiment consisted of taking four two-liter soda bottles (the coke tasted good) that we drained, one of them had a simulated sinkhole in it and the other simulated a regular landscape. The purpose was to see a possible effect of a sinkhole on a source of groundwater.
Throughout our project we began to learn more and more about Karst and sinkholes. This project was an interesting  project. We learned much that neither of us knew at the start of the project and had a fun, informative time working on this with Dr. Hudyma and Mr. Smith.

Any questions? Please email Dr. Hudyma or  Mr. Smith

These are "Igneous Tech"
Aron Dzina on the left & Lonnie Wells on the right

Image Gallery of Our Project

Mixing Plaster of Paris with Dr. Hudyma

Pouring Plaster of Paris into mold.

Beginning of Karst Land experiment

Filling bottles wth clay and gravel and sand

End result of bottles. Karst amd non-Karst simulations
Running experiment and recording results

Comparing differences between the two

Assembling drill for drillig plaster

Drill for plaster is finished